Wordful Wednesday

Inspired by Letting Green Nature Nurture

Meaning, moods, the whole scale of our inner experience, finds in nature “the correspondences”  through which we may know our boundless selves ~ Kathleen Raine.

Every time I see someones art, the gift of nature’s beauty or a sense of spirit I’m grateful, I’m inspired! With some, the inspiration is so powerful I have to weave some beads and create a little piece of art myself! It’s a thrilling ride, a color festival and I don’t want to go home.

Again it’s time to share a powerful gift… Letting Green Nature Nurture! Thoughts and visuals provided me to create another visual experience that will delight the eyes and lift the spirits!


Edina Art Fair June 1st – June 3rd 2012

I will be in Booth 153 at the Edina Art Fair, 50th and France, Edina MN this weekend June 1st – June 3rd.

Here are a  few new pieces I will have with me at the show plus lots of new surprises!  Hope to see you there!




Wordless Wednesday