Inpired by My Imagination

Everything you can imagine is real ~ Pablo Picasso.

Every time I see someone’s art, the gift of nature’s beauty or a sense of spirit I’m grate­ful, I’m inspired! With some, the inspi­ra­tion is so pow­er­ful I have to weave some beads and cre­ate a lit­tle piece of art myself! It’s a thrilling ride, a color fes­ti­val and I don’t want to go home.

Again it’s time to share a pow­er­ful gift…Imagination!  Thoughts and visu­als pro­vided me to cre­ate another visual expe­ri­ence that will delight the eyes and lift the spirit



Incredible World


Photo by Jane Burr – Super Moon New Mexico

Incredible World


Incredible World


Full Moon over Lake Superior by JD Lehr

Incredible World


Super Moon New Mexico by Jane Burr

Incredible World


Photo by Connie Lehr