Inspired by Meditation

Imagine your vital organs healing colors and thank them for serving you, red for the heart, white for lungs, green for liver, golden yellow for spleen and blue for kidneys. Every time I see someones art, the gift of nature’s beauty or a sense of spirit I’m grateful, I’m inspired! With some, the inspiration is so powerful I have to weave some beads and create a little piece of art myself! It’s … [Read More...]

Retail Stores

West 46th St. & Grand Ave.
in South Minneapolis


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2014 shows

  • Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour
  • Art-A-Whirl at the Grain Belt Bottling House
  • Edina Art Fair
  • Stone Arch Bridge Festival
  • Park Point Art Fair
  • Grand Marais Art Festival
  • Stockholm Art Festival
  • Uptown Art Festival
  • Fall into the Arts Festival
  • Rockford Art Museum at Riverfront Museum Park
  • Lakeville Art Fair
  • GSR Fine Art Festival
  • Holiday Arts Sale
  • 22nd Annual Women’s Art Festival